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All endings are new beginnings

All endings represent new beginnings

In life when something ends we can often feel a loss, and this triggers inside us grief. Yet grieving has been very misunderstood . Grieving is not supposed to be a sadness, it is supposed to be a joy, a recognition and celebration of something wonderful that is impacted in our lives and opened our hearts and as it passes we can recall those moments and be glad on the evolution it brought us.

When we grieve this way we do not hold back the tears and the laughter and eventually the gratitude that arises. And so we become clear and spacious after this release for the new to rise within us.

fFor truly nothing ever ends it always deconstructs, and the energy that animated the form is still present and eternally alive.

It is now free to begin anew, to take on a new form, a new direction, a new opportunity that best serves it’s evolution.

Whether it is a person place thing or situation an ending is always an opening for a new beginning that is now free to align , to harmonize to who you are now and will always serve on your continued path of evolution.

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