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Envy is an opportunity to ignite our aspiration

The BIG U 2/25/21

In our lives we are given experiences that create engines of desire in us , and this natural attraction which I call “Envy” is a positive force, and is triggered by other people, places or things we observe that will serve our evolution .

However if we see that desire as being beyond us in some way , due to self judgement of not being worthy Or fear of the risks involved that we are not willing to take then we block this desire and instead suppress the energy till it becomes the lower frequency of Jealousy, which is how we negatively judge others who have taken the risks towards there desires.

Instead realize that this envy is a gift and will ignite an aspiration in you to reach for your desires, but inherent in this will be an opportunity to drop your previously limiting beliefs and take the risks , dropping old negative self talk and releasing out dated doubts and fears so that you may move forward inspired by the wonders you wish to see and experience in your life !

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