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The BIG U - CLEAR VISION - 1/14/21

To have the clearest vision we must remove all our filters

Our lives are the result of the vision we hold for it , we are literally projecting out into the quantum field our wishes , desires , wants and presumed needs and experience that internal landscape as an external movie that we are constantly upgrading and editing everyday .

The thing is most of us are unaware of this dynamic and we are reactive to the external rather than being creative from the internal, and so we perceive a life with filters of judgment and limitation and this skews our vision , making it unclear and warped .

However there is another way to function where we look within and take ownership of all the inner dialogue and programs we are running that muddy our vision and we commit to cleaning up our own house , to revolutionize our inner psyche and remove the hidden wounds and Traumas that skew our perception. From this standpoint we are able to reveal a grander vision for our life , one that is the service and expression of our true nature Love!

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