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Make your commitment to freedom , not restriction


The BIG U 03/08/21

After making commitments in our lives many of us can feel that they impose restrictions on us and a limitation of our freedom often citing that “it feels great to be free “ when we leave a relationship, a job or a place yet this is often based in a limited belief that in order for us to make a commitment we have to compromise our free will and trade off our authenticity for some kind of payoff , however all to often this trade comes with a Cost that proves to be way to much .

We have grown up in a world of reward and punishment and most interactions have a basis of trade involved, however the trouble with this is that over time we become restricted in our authentic being , literally sabotaging ourselves to retain the commitments we have made at the cost of our own integrity, so slowly we start to avoid commitment.

There is another way ! Instead of avoiding commitment we can choose to commit to freedom above all , and what i mean by that is freedom to choose to be our authentic selves in every moment and with this commitment comes the courage to be vulnerable and honest above all l. Always trusting that this will bring about the perfect reflection of ones true essence in our relationships in life and also encourage and support our partners to do the same , so that instead of avoidance, our connections become opportunities for evolution and the commitment we feared becomes the ground from which we thrive together!.

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