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Defined by love

We are not defined by our amount we Achieve but by our amount we love

In the western model of success we can be very focused on productivity looking to define ourselves by the list of things we achieve. We put all our energy towards success and see our achievements as a measure of our value and the often share them with others as proof of who we are and our worth .

Yet this is a misplaced value system for often we will attain these goals at the expense of others and our own authenticity, wrongly deciding that the end justifies the means . If we compromise ourselves this way what we gain doesn't actually increase our self worth but diminishes it  for in this act of self sabotage we become who we are not .

Our true value is not in what we achieve but in how we express our authentic self in all our actions, for our nature is love so when we choose this as the guiding light for our life we are defined by its purity and clarity . We become aligned with this expression , asking what would love do now  in each moment leads us to abandoning self betrayal  and expressing generosity and gratitude.

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