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Discover Joy waiting in every moment of gratitude

Our natural state is one of Joy. It is how we feel when we remove all agendas and recognize that in this very moment we have all we need and that right here nothing needs to be done .  We are all complete and whole as we are and the idea that we are not is the reason we strive for something more,  which pulls us from the present moment and into the future.

When we look for something outside of ourselves to bring us joy we set about in a mission trying to get something from the external world to make us feel good.  Yet all the time missing the fact that we are our own source of joy , failing to access that which is inside our very being .

In order to see this we must remove the judgements and expectations we have put upon ourselves . Instead of doing we must become Undone . When we undo all the false rules and idealizations we stop assessing and comparing ourselves and instead discover the wonderful and unique gifts we have to offer .

When we learn to be grateful for ourselves we will see that every moment is full of opportunities to be joyful and the fastest way to experience that is to share it with all everyone meet .

What aspect of yourself can you  be grateful for right now ??

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