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Updated: Sep 2, 2021


When we shut down our authentic expression , we use our own energy to hold back our true selves and exhausted are unable to know our true worth . We block the flow of our divine source and instead try to prove our value by our actions.

We have created a spiral of depletion that has us seek outside ourselves that which we possess within us . Whatever we seemingly gain from without will never fulfill us. Each day we need to raise our expectations of ourselves in a attempt to get value from others and thus all our offerings are actually an unspoken trade looking for a payoff.

Eventually we see the futility of this for not only is it never enough but the demand inherent in these actions backfires and the appreciation we seek outside is not found .At this point we have no choose but to surrender, to drop our interior dam of withholding, and to allow the dynamic expression of our true selves to flood forth . For it is in this honest and exuberant outflowing that we finally discover the worth we where seeking from others was within us all the time , yet only know if we have the courage to share it !.

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