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One of the root causes of our distress in life is the belief in Lack . We feel we do not have enough of many things but ultimately At the core of this issue is the idea that we do not have enough love .

At an early age we had an experience that Impacted us to such an extent that the overflowing source of our being, which is love seemed to be too much for others to handle. In whatever form this dynamic expression took we became shut down By our own desire to be acceptable to others. And from then on suppressed our natural exuberance using our own energy to hold back the natural out flowing of love from our heart .

Because of this we exhaust ourselves, and experience lack and in order to counter this we started to direct our behaviors in order to get love from others, in all its many forms. Appreciation, gratitude, value, respect.

We change our behaviors in order to earn these things from other peoples opinions in the never ending attempt to fill the hole within us that we feel due to the suppression of our own unlimited source.This ultimately never succeeds no matter how much we gain .

How do we break out of this cycle of inauthenticity , this disconnection from ourselves? The answer is simple in order to not feel lack we have to stop holding ourselves back! Instead of trying to gain anything from the outside we have to Stop blocking our true expression And live each moment authentically sharing with the world the magnificence of our unique flavor of love.

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