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The experience of Honesty is the removal of our interference from our expression

Many of us strive to be honest in our everyday lives , but often get confused when we are also adding in duty , pride, consideration for others and defensiveness . These factors can warp our authentic expression and have us either subduing ourselves to prevent an embarrassment or negative reaction or judging ourselves that what feels right is not in alignment with our responsibilities.

The problem here is when we coerce the truth , it creates two results the first being that even when we behaving the 'correct ' way or perform the actions required of us , others can feel the inauthenticity in it and the results we were looking for , when by sabotaging ourself , do not come about the way we expect . Every time we block ourselves for what ever reason we feel we need something in return for this , and when it doesn't come about we feel its unjust and judge others for not providing it .

The second thing is our manifestation is reflective of this coercion and this we create experiences that are not supportive or in alignment with our true wishes . You can see both of these results are ineffective and disappointing.

Honesty at its core is the removal of all our interference from the our expression, allowing this authenticity to be the guiding factor of our connection with the world without self judgement . For when we are willing to take the risk and have the courage to be vulnerable and compassionate with ourselves, we also invite the other to be so. Not making ourselves wrong also drops judgement of the other and gives space for all to connect in honesty, from which a true friendship blossoms.

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