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Don’t insist on immediate resolutions give them space and trust they will come

When we are confronted with a problem to solve and it is not immediately obvious, then Radha on forcing and insisting this is the time to give some space to the situation so that the solution can arise from unexpected places.

Sometimes we feel the pressure to have an answer immediately, and yet either we know the answer or we are guessing , in which case it is better to give some time to allow for developments to open up that we had not previously thought of or perceived was possible.

Changes are always arising to bring about adjustments in our life that ultimately serve us , so the key here is not to get pulled into overwhelm , which leads to overreacting, but to take a break from the immediate situation and breathe , walk , meditate, play something to switch the energy and allow the magic of the universe to arrive unexpectedly in the form of a person or idea that redefines the problem as an evolution.

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