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The BIG U - 1/29/21


When there is a Restriction of distraction , it is an Enforcement of Reflection .

Whenever we are faced with restrictions in our life it can be very challenging as we are unable to do certain things , Yet another way of looking at this is that this limitation of distraction is actually a gift in disguise.

When the activities that we fill our life with are taken from us we are forced to go into a deeper place of reflection, Undistracted by the exterior We are lead to the interior, to look deep within ourselves .

This opportunity for exploration leads us to discover aspects of ourselves that we have been too busy to look at, places that have seemed too difficult to reveal rise up and are given space to be witnessed.

So in this time of global Restriction take this opportunity to dive into your shadow self and invite healing to those parts of you that you have been too busy or two cautious to really look at. This is a time of transformation for the whole human race and whatever form it takes we are being given the time two evolve consciously in a new direction.

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