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When we are in communication with another sometimes the conversation can take an unexpected turn , triggering  a uncomfortable disconnect between you. Where you both feel the energy withdrawal that creates a feeling of separation .

Normally this is due to something that was said has inadvertently touched a old wound , and this brings about a subconscious fear that the pain from the past will be repeated. The threat creates a defensive response that looks to protect itself from this pain and can lead to disruption that leaves you both feeling disconnected.

Although when we feel or are met with this fear it is natural to want to distance ourselves instead of pulling away we can notice the energetic shift and choose compassion .

When we learn to be discerning about these subtle patterns, we can invite ourselves to react with understanding and practice being in open hearted receptiveness, recognizing that the fear that arises in another is reflective of our own and in being compassionate with them we are also inviting the healing power of compassion into our own lives.

Who in your life is struggling with something that you can meet with compassion instead irritation?

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