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To remove our fear we need to drop the identity they are attached to

All our fears are not external things but internal conclusions that we have made and have become a part of our identity. They are entwined in stories we tell repeatedly tell ourselves, to make sure we keep ourselves safe and vigilant of perceived threats , and because of this they are not so easy to remove for they are attached to who we believe ourselves to be and thus to drop them we need to change that belief.

This belief is that we are the small you , that needed defending and are at risk , yet really we are the BIG U , the magnificent you . Our finite human form is a conduit for the expression of this infinite presence of our being that is one with all . We are here to express this divine Essence and the belief that we are a small thing , a solid thing that could be damaged or harmed is what has created this confusion and the idea that we need to be protected.

When we realize this, and release ourselves from our limited perspective we see that what can be taken away is never who we are , and in fact is serving the revealing of our true being as it removes the layers of mistaken identity and the fears attached to that idea . So each time we are willing to courageous drop our attachment to who we thought we are, we are also free of the need to defend that and gratefully drop the cycle of fear we perpetrated on ourselves to keep our small self safe , now free to expand beyond our limited self , consistently evolving without limits.

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