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When will you play the blame game we give up all power

If we choose to attribute cause to anything outside of ourselves, then we are actually in an action of self sabotage for we in the process disempower ourselves.

If we are willing to own all of the circumstances in our life as an outward reflection of an inner dynamic then we are putting ourselves in the driving seat for instead of trying to change that which is outside of us , we can change that which is within us and observe how our new perspective creates a whole different perception Of our reality.

If we are willing to give up the blame game to stop shaming, judging and avoiding others we in turn stop Blaming , shaming and judging ourselves. Instead of avoiding the shadow self , we are willingTo investigate our own shadows and the aspects of ourselves that we have previously hidden away, bringing us steadily towards a more wholesome , accepting and holistic totality of who we are .

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