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In life we are all looking for something that we want and we expend a lot of energy trying to grasp it , and once we have we become so attached to it we hold on to it, often beyond its usefulness.

The issues is when we are so focused on getting what we want we don't notice  the things we need . So we gain what we want but it doesn't actually fulfill the need we thought it would . If we can be more open and set a purpose but not attach to specifics , then we are open to receiving things that serve our intentions without a definitive expectation of what that is .

We also can recognize that we change constantly so what we may have that we are holding on to , that was useful when picked up , may actually no longer be serving who we now are and the willingness to release it ,  creates space for the next opportunity for something new to be received.

So Grasp less , have a open handed approach. Allow what comes to come , what stays to stay and what goes to go ,

Trusting with out insisting that all is perfectly aligned for who you are NOW!.

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