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Dream it ,

See it,

Feel it ,

Release it !!

Many of us believe that  Manifesting is a complicated process that is difficult to attain, yet actually without fully realizing it we are doing it all the time. Every conscious and subconscious thought are like requests to the universe, each one adjusting our destination and therefore adjusting our guidance.

The thing is most of us have very contrary thoughts , swinging backwards and forwards like a pendulum as we weigh the different decisions of our life , trying to decide which will serve us better . Yet ultimately the best way is to trust our Intuition and when we get a strong 'Yes' to commit to it without to much mind manipulation. Trusting that the vision we have seen will lead us towards our dreams .

So the first stage is we DREAM it, then to get clear and SEE it happening , yet without the attachment to how it will happen . The answer here is to not be distracted by what occurs,  but how you want to feel and FEEL that now , call to mind the feeling happiness, Joy , Gratitude, Peace and hold that frequency. Then finally the most Important to RELEASE it. In other words do not limited how something will come about let your vision ignite you but allow for that or something better, more effective, more aligned , to arrive without limiting it having to Look a certain way.

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