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When undertaking a new venture, sometimes we can be prone to procrastination, spending a lot of time working out the pros and cons of a situation trying to figure out what is the best way to go about it. We are doing this to try and avoid failure and in that context preparation always serves us however, when it leads to procrastination, we can lose our inspiration and often sabotage the whole venture.

At this point, it would help us to put all the details aside and return to Whatever sparked our initial interest. To remember what inspired us to move towards the goal and then to apply ourselves by taking the first step. So often we are looking to feel galvanized before we start, but is actually only in the process of application that we feel ignited.

Just like an astronaut at some point after all the checks are done, he has to get into the rocket and only then will the countdown and ignition start for takeoff. The universe requires our involvement. We are the origin of our journey, it is only when we step past the point of no return that we ignite the source within us and our life will takeoff!.

What have you be holding back from starting ??

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