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When we criticize another It is from the voice of our own inner critic

When we criticize another person we often are very busy looking at them and what we perceive as something wrong in their behavior , yet also there is another way to use this very common occurrence in our life to help us evolve

The reason this has shown up in our lives is to show us some things within us that also needs to be heard and healed , quite often our judgment of another is because we have our own inner critic holding authority over us and what we cannot tolerate in another is normally something we do not tolerate in ourselves .

Instead we can choose to see this person or situation as a gift for us to be more compassionate and more understanding about our own restrictions placed on ourselves and noticed where these might be inherited from my parents and form our society and when we are able to release those restrictions and become more authentic about some of our behaviors , then we are also be less triggered by others. Thus In gratitude move to compassion knowing that they also are fighting with their own inner critic, and choose to be a shining example knowing that the only way to really change anything outside of us is to change our ourselves.

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