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Updated: Sep 28, 2021

Outer love is an expression of inner kindness

When we choose to be kind to ourselves, we stop looking for others to fulfill our needs and instead discover our own fulfillment when we express that kindness through loving our life .

Every aspect of the external world is an aspect of our internal relationship with ourselves and so when we choose to take the time to be compassionate, tender and kind to ourselves then we heal our own perverted judgements and come into a sweet loving space of acceptance, allowing the unraveling of our restrictions we adopt a tempo of grace as we breathe slowly into each moment of our life's experiences .

When we approach life with this wonder rather than expectancy and frustration,, we can simply love each experience in its purest expression without needing it to be anything other than it is and in this allowing nature we develop and ease of flow as we navigate the adventure of our lives .

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