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stop looking for clues,

Follow you cues

When we are trying to make a decision we often look for clues outside of ourselves to give us a hint as to which choice to make , yet this way of choosing is normally aligned with  looking for hints that will

Lead us toward what we think is meant to be .

However the outside world is a reflection of our interior landscape and what we see can be influenced by our desires to get something we believe will fulfill us but also often the safe choice . Yet if we where to seek guidance from within we would notice that often Truth requires risk and the internal Cues will lead us on a path less traveled .

If we are willing to check in with our inner-voice , we would make chooses that sometimes seem risky to the small self but will lead us on a journey of discovery. So as we explore new places, people and things then we don't get clues but clear signs , GPS  ( God Provides Signs : Wayne Dyer) that will guide us toward our highest evolution.

What risk choice are you hesitant to make right now , and can you choose it ?

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