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Joyful Laughter is the medicine for worry and fuel for happiness

Laughter has long been known to be a very healing experience for the body flooding us with endorphins , oxytocin and serotonin . All of which are literally fuel for happiness. What is less realized is that they also are a direct cure for stress and worry , literally shifting your brain chemistry to bring about ease and harmony.

A lot of us focus on things that are challenging or could go wrong and it is this worry that creates a negative mindset and brings about stress in our lives, yet if we are able to consciously redirect our thinking and realize the irony of negativity we can instead look for the humor in the challenges and encourage ourselves to laugh at the silliness of a serious mindset.

Most of the time when we are being serious we are missing out on the joys of this present moment because we are concerned about some future event that we are worried about that has not even occurred yet. If we move into a place of trust and adopt a positive attitude. knowing that whatever happens it will work out in our favor, we can loosen the reins & laugh at our ego, reminding ourselves to take everything a little lighter for the benefits in health & well being will increase with each smile .

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