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THE BIG U - 2/14/21


“I Choose a plant based diet & harmonious exercise that aligns , excites and ignites !

LIFEBOOK is an the inspired life coaching system by Jon and Missy Butcher , based on splitting life into 12 Categories and then defining for ourself what we wish to attract in each of these categories .

The 7th Life category is


Each of us has a unique container that is made up of trillions of cells and over 4 times that of Virus and Bacteria collectively know as our body . In this context we are not an individual in physical terms we are a collective, a vast universe of beings that unify to give is an avatar from which to temporarily house our Spirit on this expression on the journey of our Soul in this lifetime.

To understand this is to see that in the play of life that the Ancients call “Lela” or “Maya”. we perceive ourselves as an individual and treat our chooses from this perspective, yet really we are a vast collective and as thus should make choices that balance not only our internal universe , but the reflection of that in the world we perceive as outside us . What is a healthy harmonious choice for our physical form is also the same for the planet around us and we come from a place of gratitude around this we make choices that encourage our body system and the global system to thrive in harmony.

I choose a gluten & lectin free , plant based diet but also have had my stomach regularly tested and eat food for nutrition, to serve the internal biome , the harmony and balance of my internal system , and exercising that includes Yoga , Tai Chi , Tapping , swimming, hiking in nature , mountain biking and the sport of tennis , all designed to align my systems and support my integration of wholistic balance inside and out , to ignite and thrive,

... and its always in evolving.

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