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Updated: Aug 24, 2021

On a dark road you light the way by opening your heart

When we are unsure about the way forward and the way ahead is not clear , we can become confused and uneasy about which way to proceed as we cant see clearly and are concerned about the unforeseen things that might arise unexpectedly in our path , often this can have us holding back and creating inertia as we are resistant to going the wrong way so we don’t move ahead at all .

However this is precisely the time when we are being offered an opportunity to look within ourselves and access the light within us and shine forth from a place if truth and love . To do this we must open our hearts , to allow the power within us to be accessed and expressed illuminating the way forward .

Like a car driving at night we must turn on our headlights and although we cannot see the whole journey home we can trust that the road will continue on , rising to meet us as we proceed forward with confidence knowing that we will see that which is here in the present moment before us with clarity when we meet it with an authentic heart and open mind .

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