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THE BIG U - 1/25/21

With mindfulness the mundane becomes an opportunity for magical transformation

We all have a life of different qualities, some highs and some apparent lows , but what we all have is the everyday tasks , the ordinary jobs , chores or responsibilities that at times can feel a little mundane and we wish for the highs of excitement and thrilling, yet if we are able to drop our expectations and become conscious as we undertake these tasks we can find there is a hidden magic in all of our moments.

The seemingly ordinary or monotonous duties of our life offer us a chance to become very present in each moment, to hone our attention into the present and discover there is something below our judgment. When we lean into the movement of a repetitive job of cleaning or the clearing of the old to make space for the new , we are able to realize that every one of these experiences are reflections , metaphors for our life and when we surrender to them we are able to transform them and ourselves through every breathe and see these as magical opportunities for evolution.

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