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Fathers are our fuel for our futures

All of us have father figures , and whether they are in our lives, passed on or been absent; wether they are blood , adoptive or heavenly, their influence on our emotional structure and worldly navigation system has been immense for they embody the masculine in our mindset , what it is to access the expansive force within us and how to evolve that in our lives .

Although I could go into much detail of all the different impacts that the father figures in our life have, the point of the sharing is that they have an impact.

What may seem as a good quality Or bad quality can lead both ultimately lead to the blossoming of unexpected attributes in our lives that can lead us not only to a whole new evolution of ourselves, but also to continue the evolution of our ancestors forward.

After we have done the deep work of reconciliation and forgiveness we can reflect upon our lives and the impact lthey have had, and see that we would not be who we are today without that influence. Whether it be in open rebellion or courageous inspiration each of us can be shaped by this dominant force that fuels our future.

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