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All of us have Triggers , thorns that got under our skin usually when we where young , and have been there ever since. They are tender and sensitive, so much so that we actually can get confused with this sensitivity and see it as a positive thing, sighting our sensitivity as something we have to share with others so as to protect ourselves from acute sensations and situations.

We spend most of our life avoiding all that would trigger us and rub up against our wounds , and generally will get very upset if this happens ( which it always does) blaming the other person or experience for the pain rather than realizing this is a very old wound , a deep thorn , and this is only the latest line of situations to set off our judgement and anger . So why does this keep happening?

Ultimately We cannot Avoid anything that would serve us , and in this case we subconsciously call in people , places and events to touch our pain so that we can remember the real reason that the thorn got stuck in there in the first place and realize we cannot heal until we finally have the courage to remove it!… once we are willing to do this we are met with a wonderful surprise that under all that effort to avoid was a hidden treasure , and aspect of our being , Joy; spontaneity; vitality; enthusiasm; creativity; that we where so busy trying to protect ourselves, that we did not express it in our life .

So today when you are triggered instead of defending yourself, remove your thorn , and discover what aspect Of wonder will be released in this act of self liberation!

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