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Outflowing , the discovery of your abandon self when you share it

Quite often in life we look to the exterior to give us a feedback of our value, looking for compliments, appreciation or gratitude to be a sign of our own worth, yet our real value is discovered when we share abundantly of ourselves.

Looking for the outside world to give us a sense of worth will never be satisfactory or fill the hole we feel when we do not receive the recognition and acknowledgment we believe we are due, ultimately the only way to know the true providence that we hold for us selves is to open our hearts and express it.

Outflowing, means to flow outwards, we are an eternal spring that will never be exhausted or run dry, if we continue to allow it to flow into our lives without any thought of lack or reciprocation. To truly understand the abundance of love that we are it would serve us to approach each moment with the generosity of spirit and gratitude for our ability to be magnanimous!

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