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What we see in another belongs to ourselves

Whenever we are met with accusation or judgment it can be difficult because our defensive mechanisms want to block out what we perceive as an attack, but what if that attack was actually a gift, a light shining at us so that we may see something about ourselves that we have been missing and that is why it is being offered to usIn such a strong way.

Ownership of all that comes to us it’s ultimately the greatest way to find our blind spots, for us to shine a light into those places with the deepest and most honest inquiry we can muster. To sit in reflection and own all of it.

There is not one thing that arises in your reality that is not trying to enlighten you in someway and although sometimes we might need to take space or to step away from the situation so that we can witness this and really gain the wisdom ultimately both our “demons” and our “angels” are serving us by showing us the misunderstandings we hold about who we truly are, and if we follow this inquiry it will lead us to finding a path home to ourselves.

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