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In the face of conflict there is the opportunity to know peace

Quite often when we are faced with a confrontation we can become defensive and seek to protect ourselves. Yet in this energy we can trigger fear in ourselves that is being ignited and then justify being judgmental or blaming the other in an act of defense.

The issue with this is it arises from the space of separation , we feel the other is doing something against us , yet what is actually happening is the other is actually a reflection of ourselves and is doing something for us !

It is only in this challenging experience that we can discover the deep hidden wound we have that is fearful of being exposed, but is only when it is seen can it be owned and healed . This is why this situation is occurring for your healing .

So when another appears in this way remember that it is an angel of your creation , an aspect of you offering you the chance to release the thoughts of separation and meet the situation with gratitude and compassion, trusting that the opportunity here is to heal your own wound and to know peace on a deeper level as you do .

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