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Updated: Aug 19, 2021

All Cancellations are perfect adjustments to make space for realignment

When we have cancellations happen or we are the ones who have to cancel for unexpected reasons , we can become irritated as our plans are being changed seemingly beyond our control and that can trigger a fear of an unwanted consequence. Yet what if these unforeseen changes where perfect adjustments changing the outcomes to be more in alignment with who you now are .

When we make plans and arrangements they are based on the information and knowledge we have at that moment and at that time they seem correct however as things change and adjust then the plans and arrangements can actually be no longer the best situation for us. Yet because we have committed to them we feel attached to them and can sometimes hang on to a situation that needs to change.

And this is what is happening when we get cancellations or changes to our plans. They are being realigned to match the shifts that have happened to us since we made them, and rather than forcing a situation, this is the time to let go and allow The realignment to to happen and trust that this has perfectly come about to serve us better.

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