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The Unique Imperfections of every piece makes the whole Puzzle Perfect !

Perfection is such an interesting concept because it is so subjective. What can seem perfect from one perspective can seem completely imperfect from another , and when we are trying to assess this from our own lives we forget that we are looking from the lenses of the past , which because of your limited perspective is inherently faulty as it is based on conclusions that don’t have a whole life perspective.

When we are able to surrender our fears and doubts and look from a grander point of view , to engage the BIG U’s perspective; we can be open to understanding that when a puzzle is cut from the big picture that all the parts seem strange and uniquely shaped, yet when matched with the right pieces we slowly understand that each piece is perfectly imperfect and unique to combine with all others to make the whole .

This is what is happening on an eternal scale with the divine perspective, as source is individuated into many aspects each designed to fit perfectly together to create the wholeness of existence, and this is happening in every aspect of our lives. So no matter what it looks like realize the perfection that is present and will be revealed as we witness the mystery of the puzzle as It comes together in our life .

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