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The BIG U 03/14/21

When life calls us to physically expend all the energy we have to offer, to step up and have to deal with a prolonged and exhausting Labor ,We can arrive at the point where we are physically spent. Our body starts to shut down and ask for rest and recuperation,yet in this energetic depleted state there is an emotionally correlation.

Without the physical and mental resources to hold them

Back we find our emotions exposed, and the barrier of stoic protection falls away. The dam breaks revealing the deep seated feelings that we so often keep hidden and held in check .

This raw nakedness can seem scary and humbling , yet in this space of unexpected surrender there is a hidden gift , for this level of openness and vulnerability offers an unadulterated view of our emotional landscape and the chance to honestly review and take stock of the inauthenticities that we so often choose to ignore. For after the flood of tears there is a clearing , an ownership and an opportunity for rebirth and realignment, and from this we are resurrected , with more resilience and purity for this whole experience.

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