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Release control and let chaos unravel the restrictions of your life to bring about a new order

A lot of the stress we feel in life is due to us trying to keep everything in order. When the unexpected happens, we are prone to experience it as chaos, and struggle to control events, trying to make them align with our idea of how they should be.

At its root, the reason this causes anguish is because we see chaos as negative, believing when things don't align with our plans they are going wrong. Yet this way of thinking not only causes us suffering but also limits the possibility of what could potentially benefit us.

If we are willing to trust the universe is always working in our favor, instead of seeing chaos as negative we can recognize its positive nature. That it is simply the parts of a plan coming apart so it may reform in a new and more supportive way for who we now are, rather than be restricted by the control of who we were.

What seemingly chaotic changes are you resisting ??

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