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Relax and allow the universe knows how !

Whenever we inspired to take action and move towards our desires so that we actively engage in co-creating with the universe the first thing we do is to try to figure out the steps necessary, yet sometimes this eludes us and we can become frustrated thinking we have to know HOW it will be achieved before we can start.

However, whenever we rely on ourselves alone to figure out how something will be achieved we are limited by our own experiences and education, yet in the realm of infinite possibilities that are actually available there is so much more options and unexpected or unknown ways that something can arise , so it would serve us to open up our expectations to the mystery of life .

Once we remove the attachments to how something can arise we allow the universe to present us with infinite opportunities and we discover that things can come about in the most magical ways and wether we call this synchronicity or coincidence, we invite life to become a realm of miracles and live in awe of its wonder as events , places and people align to offer us the path towards our Dreams

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