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When we remove all inhibitions we become an  expression of love

Each of us has an identity made up of a personality and ego and within this construct is a set of inhibitions that restrict us from truly expressing ourselves authentically.

Through our life we have constructed an unconscious defense mechanism that is so prioritized at protecting us that it creates a whole list of  unconscious restrictions that inhibit us . The underlying agenda is to avoid us being embarrassed or offending another by our words or actions yet this internal red tape often is overly zealous and it holds us back from truly expressing ourselves.

We exaggerate the impact and fear the repercussions so we can excessively hold ourselves back from our natural inclination to connect.

Our true nature is love and the action of love is to express itself , so when we have the courage to remove our inhibitions we can allow that expression to dissolve the barriers of disconnection and reconnect to the aspect of us present in every person before us.

What Inhibitions are holding you back from expressing love ?

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