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When the moments of space arise do not try to fill them they are a gift for reflection and recuperation. Something new is being born in you .

Often when we lead a busy life we tend to fill each moment of the day with our To Do lists and in this way we can feel

productive and purposeful. However life in all forms has waves and as well as the rising active ones there naturally occurs slower restful periods and when we notice these it would serve us to not resist them but to recognize there onset and welcome them .

These periods of spaciousness are offering us time to relax and reflect on our lives and what the previous actions have brought us and what direction we might now wish to go. They give us a chance to assess the pro’s and cons , to refine our future processes and to really see what is serving us now and what needs to be dropped so that a new way of being may emerge.

These periods are essential for your evolution and for something new to be born in us and without the gestation periods we become stuck in a loop of reactivity rather than allowing for the creativity that wishes to be birthed through us . So cultivate and celebrate these times , take your foot off the accelerator and allow for breathe and transition time between your steps and watch what miracles arise to fill them.

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