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When we rise above our own inner clouds we see the beauty in all.

The BIG U - 3/25/21

Often we can be very judge mental of others in life , but this actually arises from our own inner judge.

We are filled with a list of do’s and don’ts; of should’s and shouldn’ts. Every day we try and live up to these and when we fall short, we build up an negative idea of ourselves, and then we start to project this on those outside of ourselves.

This mirror of judgment has its origins in ourselves, when we see somebody doing some thing that we feel is not acceptable it is because we ourselves hold ourselves back from such behaviors, but sometimes we do this to excess and repress our own authentic expression, stopping ourselves from taking risks and going for our dreams because we judge it as irresponsible, risky or unacceptable.

When we bring this reflection of others into our lives it is to show us that we Are repressing ourselves and in their expression they are shining bright. If we take this as a messenger, a gift to show us that we need to let go of the clouds of doubt and judgments that we hold upon ourselves, then not only will we see all as beautiful, but we will discover our own beauty as we express the true vision of our creativity.

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