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The perception of lack is caused by looking on the outside for that which resides within us.

Many of us suffer from stress and at its route is the idea that either we lack something now or in the future . This worrying stimulates anxiety that feeds this idea , yet the actual answer is to be found in understanding that its a erroneous mindset that creates it .

Most of us have an internal block of our own resources set in place from childhood , and most of our effort is used to suppress this internal energy in a mistaken attempt to protect ourselves we exhaust ourselves. Therefore our feeling is one that we have to gain what we need from the exterior world and when that is in question we become apprehensive , and a 'lack mentality' develops.

The answer is to recognize that all that we need is within us . We are the source of all that we see on the outside, yet when we seek it there we forget to look inside . All that appears in our world has first taken form in the internal landscape of our minds . So by consciously directing what we wish to experience we manifest it into our reality by using the fuel of our feelings . Imagine what you wish to feel now , and allow your experience to follow your lead .

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