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Do not use judgement to separate yourself from your brothers and sisters for they are showing you an aspect of yourself that you have been hiding from so that it may be healed

if we perceive ourselves as separate to the world, it can be very easy to use judgment to increase this feeling of separation, since one of the biggest issues facing humanity at the moment is the feeling of a loneliness, of being on your own, especially at this time.

What we need to realize is that exclusion is a choice, and when we have the courage to instead choose inclusion we are offered amazing insights to our own inner landscape.

Everybody you meet, you talk to you, or you witness is mirror, a reflection, offering you the opportunity to see an aspect of yourself that you have hidden through your own self judgment. And when we are able to not choose reaction but instead retrospection we can see within us A hidden wound that this person is triggering.

Our opportunity here is that if we can find compassion for them, not condoning but holding our vision of them in a frame of love and support then in turn we can also invite that aspect of ourselves back to ourselves becoming more whole in our own self forgiveness, through this gift of reflection.

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