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THE BIG U - 8/13/20 - The 3 Sources

According to the Chinese philosophy there are two sources of energy the prenatal and postnatal, yet im proposing a third .

The post natal or “EXTERNAL” Source is the Air that we breathe, the water we drink, the food we consume and the sun that shines upon us.

This is our fuel tank that we fill up each day through our diet , exercise and exposure to nature. It is finite and when we use up the tank we have to literally call on our reserves, this is the pre-Natal.

The Pre-Natal or “INTERNAL” source is what comes through the umbilical cord and it’s transferred from your mother into your body and the organ within your body where this is held are the kidneys. This is your reserves what you call upon to push through, to get things done, to overcome when you are quite literally exhausted but mentally determined.

This energy we call upon from a place of ego and pride, a driving force that no matter what will prove its superiority even over our own bodies and minds to uphold an idealized version of ourselves as unbeatable or unbreakable , driven to achieve and live up to an unrealistic vision of worthiness, it requires a result and is unsustainable.

The problem with this approach is that It is designed to be an emergency back up , not some thing that you call upon regularly for if you do this you are ignoring your own well-being and each time you tax the kidneys, overextending yourself you bring yourself to a weakened state and in order to create balance , your body has no choice to but to bring about in reality the disease, Or “dis- ease” that you are operating under. Then when you are quite literally stopped in your tracks you have to rest recuperate and restore.

However there is a third source of energy that is available to us all, and in fact is who and what we are, This is the EXTERNAL source, what we came from what we are and what we will return to when we leave this form.This source is always available to us and always has been, however through our lives we have blocked this expression for it’s true nature and given name is love, and because we have blocked our expression of love we have stopped ourselves accessing this unlimited source. The way to access this is to express love, to express your bliss, To put yourself in service of your most inspired creative expression and allow that to fuel you as you become a vessel for the outflowing of your passions to the world.

When we truly do this we know for we do not feel time, or fatigue, and are quite literally exhilarated and energized by the removal of our Egoic agenda limiting the outflow of the magnificence and wonder of Source , Sharing who and what we are in the service of this expression is the guiding force of our existence and becomes a true compass in our lives.

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