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When the universe rearranges your plans

it is always doing so in your favor

As humans we have a love of making plans, and this gives us a structure to move towards our goals, however we can become frustrated when these plans seem to be thwarted and change because we mistakenly believe that this means we will not reach our goals and our journey will be stopped.

The thing about plans is that we make them from the present moment with all the information and experience we have up until then, and we believe we have chosen what will best serve the result we wish to achieve. However as every moment passes we are changed by the experience and gain new wisdom such that we are constantly evolving and that the plans we made yesterday may very well need upgrading. Yet when we are stuck by being attached to the “How’s” this is what causes the frustration for the universe is always adjusting based on where we now are and realigning our journey to Bring about the next stage of our evolution.

So the answer is to be very present in this moment and stay 100% committed to the inspired action yet to do this we have to be 100% unattached to how this plays out, and watch with awe as the universe upgrades our plans always in our favor!

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