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When we Walk in Truth we walk in Peace and all is added unto us

Truth is something we all aspire to live by but in actuality it can be a challenging thing to have as a priority in our lives . So often without even realizing it we can be swayed by the overriding factors of trying to gain something or trying to avoid loss of some sort and this becomes more important than being guided by what is true for us .

However when we approach life from this perspective we unwittingly develop a false perspective and that is reflected to us. Life gives us what matches our agenda and if that is not what is true for us , it doesn't serve our grander goal of contentment.  Paradoxically if we are courageous enough to be authentic not matter what the outcome we develop a deeper trust that it is serving us and we walk with an inner peace .

In this place of calm equanimity we are guided by an inner voice that we learn to trust and we surrender the struggle, allowing what goes to go , what comes to come , what stays to stay . Slowly understanding that this is all a reflection of what is alignment with our truth, and everything we need will arrive perfectly without struggle or grasping.

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