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We Attract by Being


We don't get by grasping we attract by being.

In life we are all on a mission yo get something or another. Behind this is the unconscious belief that it is only by acquisition that we gain value . The more we have the more we are worth yet  the more we add to ourselves the more we are defined by this and the less freedom we have to truly be authentic.

We grasp for things we think have value yet betray ourselves in the process , often sacrificing our truth in return for some reward or payoff yet ultimately over time we recognize that whatever we received was not worth the cost . For we become lost in the process .

How things really work is that we attract what we are , not what we want . So when we are not being ourselves we gain that which doesn't serve us , as it doesn't match our frequency . Yet if we have the courage to being authentic then we will bring to us a life that is in alignment with our highest joy .

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