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Do not demand of yourself or others , make space for the unfolding to surprise you

When we expect too much of ourselves not only do we create stress in our lives but also in the lives of those around us, as by demanding always more of ourselves brings us into overwhelm and then we subconsciously adopt the idea that if our friends and family loved us they would help us , which creates a negative drain on them and leads them to withdraw and a feeling of abandonment from us.

The answer here is trust the unfolding experiences and that doing your best, without insistence or resistance is the way forward , to honor the times of work , play and rest equally. To realise that sometimes when we are stopped or slowed in our tracks it is so we can reflect and reassess the situation, to organize and restructure , that when a deadline is not met perhaps the shift that occurs will benefit all in unexpected ways .

So remember the pace of life is designed to reflect the pace of your evolving being , and the amount of doing is balanced by the amount of being , for it our being that creates the movie of our lives and so to value the valleys as well as the mountains creates balance and peace .

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