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You are OK exactly as you are

The cause of many of our stresses is our constant striving to be more, which arises from the idea that we are less. The idea that we need to produce a result from our day and achieve something order to have value to ourselves and others , yet what if without any action you where already more than enough.

When we spend our days with agendas trying to achieve results and success we have an inner judge watching our use of time and registering wether this has value or not towards some goal . If we move closer we feel better if we have a set back we judge ourselves as less, yet this constant pressure is what creates stress for us and a sense of looming oppression.

What if you where absolutely OK just as you are ? What if no matter what you did success was your authentic expression in each moment? What if without this pressure to achieve we would make more authentic choices that ultimately would lead us to a more fulfilling life ? So today stop the agenda , and bring your awareness to the present moment notice that you are perfectly OK right now and from this calm and centered place what decision would you make that wasn't about filling a hole , a perceived lack , but an expression of your divine fulness shared with the world !!

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