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THE BIG U 1/18/21

  • I AM COURAGEOUS and Vulnerable enough to be absolutely Honest and this brings about the perfect reflection of One Self!

Affirmations are the way we can consciously reprogram our perspective, upgrading our thoughts and revamping our internal operating system to better be in alignment with our next greatest vision of who and what we are .

When we are willing to take ownership of all the self talk we have inside and realize that we are the ones who continue to subconsciously choose this , we can take back the reigns of our ego and redirect it to a new direction, one that is less rigid and more fluid following the authentic guidance of who we are in each moment .

We surrender to this fluidity and release the fear that drives , security and creates limitations to keep ourselves safe , for this forfeits our spontaneity and vitality.

So today we affirm ourselves to be courageous and bold enough to live with absolute vulnerability allowing ourselves to interact with the world from a place of total honesty which creates the perfect reflection of who we are in the world around us !..

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