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Make space for ideas beyond your past

As children we are always learning new stuff and there is a lot we don’t know and that creates hunger and space for new wisdom to enter , we quite often talk about the concept of children being like sponges to illustrate this .

However at some point as adults we come into the mindset that we have to be a “know it all “, that if we or someone else suggests we don’t know something we can react with the common phrase “

I Know That !!” With indignation.

As if the very fact that we might not know something is an embarrassment or judgement of our intelligence.

The problem with this is that it shuts us off from the opportunity of learning . For when we make shift our minds to allow the unknown, for thoughts that are not from our past we allow the space for the information from the future. To allow the mystery to present wonders and possibilities beyond our own limited ideology bringing us to a more expansive experience of who we are and what life can offer !

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