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Updated: Aug 4, 2022

True Happiness is a choice not a result

Often in life we chase after manu things , and no matter what they are, a person , place , thing or experience, it is ultimately with one unified goal to make us Happy !

However the problem with pursuing something to give a result of happiness is that it is fleeting and disempowering. As it generally relies on an attachment to a specific result , which if it happens we are happy but if not we are sad so we become victims to exterior circumstances putting the power for our own wellbeing outside of ourselves,

Yet there is a different way !.. For Happiness is not a result but a choice!.. When we start our day with self loving practices like meditation , journaling & Yoga , before the day has begun we can focus within ourselves and choose to be grateful for the smallest things in our life from a breathe of fresh air to the ability to smile . As we do this we can laugh to ourselves and smile broadly before we even open our eyes and choice happiness as a way of being. When we trust in our own ability to be at peace, we detach from the results and no matter the exterior circumstances we can meet them with optimism, positivity and equanimity!

Knowing that this all ultimately serve our evolution and allowing things to be as they are and bringing an attitude of happiness to them all .

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