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In the Dark Night of the soul we shine the brightest

In our lives we can be faced with periods where everything seems to be challenging and this can be called the dark night of the soul. We sometimes feel alone and the victim of circumstances, and quite often do not understand why we are being put through such a difficult test.

However these periods in our life are a great transformation, They are times when we are really shown our true colors and how much we have evolved through our lives. This is the test where we get to choose whether we breakdown or we break open.

Instead of falling into victim mentality, We can choose to surrender completely and trust the divine order that is playing out in the logical chaos that seems to surround us. We can choose to have the shell of our ego and protective armor cracked open and the light within to shine the brightest.

Ultimately this is the gift and opportunity of all challenges knowing that if we can surrender whatever we are holding onto, whatever we are grasping for and instead let things deconstruct so that a new and exciting opportunity can Evolve, allowing us to truly see the divine within us and shine outward so that we are an inspiration for others.

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