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Defensiveness is not strength, it creates shut down and disconnection.

Vulnerability is not weakness ,it creates Openness and Connection

The common mindset of modern thinking is that to have a good defense mechanism is healthy and protects us from unwanted consequences, yet the problem with keeping up this wall is that we can become shutdown and disconnected. In our attempt to keep

Our hearts protected due to past wounds we become closed and worse than that we actually watch out for signs of potential danger and this creates an air of pessimism in our relationships.

The answer is to turn this on its head , to take on a new more optimistic approach, and the key to this is what can be perceived as weakness but is actually the most courageous display of Strength, vulnerability, When we have the courage to be truly honest and vulnerably reveal ourselves , we cannot help to but to open our hearts and this invites compassion from others and creates True Connection.

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